European Social Forum
Paris 12-15 November

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Hofmans filosofisch Cafe: Het academisch onderwijs in beweging
Utrecht 6 October
intervention by Ingrid Robeyns (Rethinking University working group)

5th European Feminist Research Conference: Gender and Power in the New Europe
Lund 19-24 August

Power in Action workshop organised together with Stichting Vrouwen en Diversiteit and La Eskalera Karakola

This workshop wants to be a place of reflection on notions of power, through a discussion on concrete feminist actions and practices that will be presented. While theoretically dissection how power works - in its intersection through 'race' and ethnicity, gender or sexual difference, sexuality, class, etc. - we want to expore which concepts and paradigms are useful, in our various European locations, for understanding the workings of power and resistance in the context of late or global capitalism. In our discussions of concrete feminist practices of resistance, we want to look for new impulses for the needed re-articulations of our feminist agendas.

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Opening up new horizons: dialogues and diversity in the Dutch women's movement/s
- Chantal Soeters and Suzanne Metselaar (Stichting Vrouwen en Diversiteit)
Positions, Situations, Short-circuits. La Eskalera Karakola, a deliberate space
- Silvia López and Maria Serrano (La Eskalera Karakola)
Reflections on practices of politisation within the NextGenderation network: the European Social Forum
- Sarah Bracke and María Puig de la Bellacasa (NG@ESF2003)

Education, work and precariousness
Florence May
seminar organised together with Scovegno
at a meeting coordinated by World Women's March
intervention by Cristina Gamberi

féminismes, queer, multitudes
Bruxelles 6 mai

causerie organisé par l'Association Mouvements de Femmes
autour du numéro 12 féminismes, queer, multitudes
de Multitudes

avec Antonella Corsani et quelques auteures

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Feministisch Kafee
ACU Utrecht 19 February

reporting back from the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre
discussing the idea of a feminist day at the ESF 2003

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World Social Forum
Porto Alegre 23-27 January

participation to the panel:
New and old social movements, spaces of confluence and tension, locally/globally
presentation by Dieuwertje Huijg
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