We, no doubt about it, are central; we have invented much of what I consider the most valuable aspects of these global alliances, but, of course, we do not see it ourselves and we like to decrease our protagonism by situating ourselves at the margins of a supposed centrality that through this move gains the potential to reshape old centralities. And tell me, my sweet friends, who if not feminists and queers of various kinds have put desire and pleasure at the center of politics? Who has transformed the way of taking the street and brought the black block outfits back to their performative potential, who has been responsible for breaking the discontinuities, public-private, work-non work, etc. of traditional politics, who has reflected around the question of autonomy, horizontality etc. - more than the feminist movement? Who has brought the question of hybridity - sexual, ethnic... - into the scene if not the queer and anti-racist movements? Who has put their bodies against social death and invisibility more than those migrants activists that are locking themselves up in churches all over Europe?

Cristina Vega - Firenze, Feminism, Global Resistance... Some (personal and shared) tips to go to Firenze

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