winter 2003-2004

deeply disturbed...
by a new wave in the west (with an old colonial legacy...)
of abuse of the language of women's emancipation and feminism
for racist, assimilationist and islamophobic political agendas
we wish to take a public stand against such cynical political opportunism
and call upon other feminists and activists in the women's movements
to raise their voice

... and say not in our names!
several statements were written and translated within and beyond the NextGENDERation network,
some of these were published on the occasion of International Women's Day the 8th of March 2004
and meanwhile they continue to circulate, to affirm and connect anti-racist feminist visions and practices
not in our names!
pas en notre nom!
niet in onze naam
no en nuestros nombres
feministisch statement

a campaign supported by
[Belgium] Le collectif des femmes en noir contre les expulsions et les centres fermés | FC Poppesnor | Steunpunt allochtone meisjes en vrouwen | Vrouwen Overleg Komitee | Vrouwen in het Zwart Leuven
[the Netherlands] Marokkaanse Vrouwenvereniging Nederland | Stichting ZAMI | Chebba Meidenplaza
[Spain] La Eskalera Karakola | Limes, Espai per a la recerca accio

Niet in onze naam! was published in De Standaard (Belgium) on the 8th of march 2004
Feministisch statement was published in De Volkskrant (The Netherlands) on the 12th of march 2004

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[on the French debate concerning the headscarf - 2004]
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on-line petitions and actions
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