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interventions in the public debate

On the "cartoon row" [February 2006]
> Geen botsing, maar uitwisseling
> Exchange instead of clash
       by Actiecomité Moslimvrouwen Vlaanderen & FC Poppesnor (12 February)
> The Caricature of Liberty
       by Pedro Carmona (9 February)

On the riots in Paris [France, November 2005]
> Waarom "migrantenrellen" niet tot een mei 68 leiden…
> Why "migrant riots" do not lead to a May 68...
       by Nadia Fadil, Sarah Bracke & Meryem Kanmaz (14 November 2005)
> Crevez en Paix mes frères, mais crevez en silence, qu'on ne perçoive que l'écho lointain de vos souffrances...
       Communiqué du Mouvement de l'Immigration et des Banlieues (9 November 2005)

On the honour killing of Hatun Sürücü [Germany, April 2005]
> Migrantinnenrechte und Repräsentationspolitik. Anti-rassistische Feministinnen diskutieren
    häusliche Gewalt, Feminismus und Multikulturalismus lese
> Göçmen Kadin Haklari ve Temsil Politikalari. Irkçilik karsiti feministler eviçi siddet,
    feminizm ve çokkültürlülügü tartisiyor download [pdf]
> The Politics of Migrant Women's Rights: Anti-racist feminists discuss domestic violence, 
    feminism and multiculturalism read
       by Esra Erdem, Jinthana Haritaworn, Jennifer Petzen

On the assassination of Theo van Gogh [The Netherlands, November 2004]
> Voorkom voedingsbodem voor extremisme lees
> Prevent the grounds for extremism read
       by Maayke Botman

On left-wing and progressive responses to the electoral victory of the Vlaams Blok [Belgium, July 2004]
> Oproep tot een radicaal antiracistische, multiculturele visie op Vlaanderen. 
    Progressief Vlaanderen bestrijdt het Vlaams Blok, niet het racisme lees
> Appel pour une vision radicalement antiraciste et multiculturelle sur la Flandre. 
    La Flandre progressiste combat le Vlaams Blok, mais pas le racisme lire
       by Karel Arnout, Sarah Bracke, Bambi Ceuppens, Nadia Fadil, Meryem Kanmaz

On the 11 March bombings in Madrid [Spain, March 2004]
> Madrid diary 11-15 March read [link to karakola website]
       by Maggie Schmitt

Not in our names
statements on the occassion of the 8th of March 2004:
> not in our names! read
> pas en notre nom! lire
> ¡no en nuestros nombres! leer
> niet in onze naam! lees
> feministisch statement lees

reflections on the "Not in our names" campaign:
> 'Niet in onze naam'. Een hartenkreet tegen de inzet van het feminisme in de 'beschavingsoorlog' download [pdf]
    by Sarah Bracke

On Ayaan Hirsi Ali [The Netherlands, 2003]
> Ayaan Hirsi Ali: daring or dogmatic? Debates on multiculturalism and emancipation in the Netherlands download [pdf]
       by Halleh Ghorashi
> Gegijzelde islam. Wat wil Ayaan Hirsi Ali? download [pdf]
       by Troetje Loewenthal


> Different worlds possible: feminist yearnings for shared futures read [link to karakola website] | download [pdf]
       by Sarah Bracke
> L'Europa non ci fa sognare. Intervista a Rosi Braidotti download [pdf]
       by Rutvica Andrijasevic

European Social Forum 2004 London
> Creating Collectivities/Doing Transnational Politics read [pdf]
> Creare Collettività/Fare politiche trasnazionali read [pdf]

European Social Forum 2003 Paris
> Refusing to be "the women's question"... Embodied practices of feminist resistance at the European Social Forum 2003 read
       by NG@esf working group for Feminist Review
> Z kobietami na rzecz innej Europy download [pdf]
       by Katarzyna Gawlicz for Zadra 1(18), 2004
> Friday File interview for AWID read [link to AWID website]
> ¿Qué hacemos con la prostitucíon?read
       by Carolina from Precarias a la Deriva

World Social Forum 2003 Porto Alegre
> Presentation by Dieuwertje Huijg read
> Daily impressions January 24 | January 25 | January 26 | January 27
> What Happened to the New Left? read
       by Naomi Klein
> Confronting Empire read
       by Arundhati Roy

European Social Forum 2002 Florence
> NextGENDERation network at the European Social Forum: a feminist intervention read
> Eine Feministische Intervention. Das NextGENDERation network beim Europäischen Sozialforum lese
       by Rutvica Andrijasevic, Sarah Bracke & Cristina Gamberi
> La rete di NextGENDERation leggere
       by Cristina Gamberi
> Where is the space for women's perspectives in the formulation of a Europe of alternatives? read [link to penelopes website] by Les Pénélopes
> Les mécanismes de l'oppression des femmes lire
       by Christine Delphy
> Firenze, Feminism and Global Resistance. Some (personal and shared) tips to go to Firenze
       by Cristina Vega read

politics of knowledge

On the controversy around Daniel Welzer-Lang [France]
> Chantage et abus de pouvoir dans les universités lire
> Blackmail and abuse of power in the university read
       by ANEF Association Nationale des Etudes Féministes

5th European Feminist Research Conference [Lund, August 2003]
Power in Action workshop
> Positions, Situations, Short-circuits. La Eskalera Karakola, a deliberate space
       by Maria Serrano and Silvia López read [link to karakola website]
> Opening up new horizons: dialogues and diversity in the Dutch women's movement/s
       by Chantal Soeters and Suzanne Metselaar
> Reflections on practices of politisation in the NextGenderation network: the european social forum
       by Sarah Bracke and María Puig de la Bellacasa

For issue 12 (féminismes, queer, multitudes) of Multitudes [March 2003]
> Coming to knowledge, coming to politics. A reflection on practices from the NextGENDERation network
       by Rutvica Andrijasevic and Sarah Bracke download [pdf]

Gender Studies in Europe Conference (ATHENA & European University Institute) [April 2001]
> Flexible Girls. A position paper on academic genderational politics
       by María Puig de la Bellacasa (April 2001) download [pdf]

4th European Feminist Research Conference [Bologna, September - October 2000]
NextGenderation forum
interventions at the round table:
> Being a Young Feminist Nowadays by Myriam Trevisan download [pdf]
> Undermin(d)ing the Gap by Diana Anders download [pdf]
> What's the Story? by Natascha Unkart download [pdf]

reflections after the forum
> Some ideas to develop a multigenerational discussion: started from the messages posted on the discussion group by Laura Fantone download [pdf]
> Involve Yourself by Rutvica Andrijasevic and Natascha Unkart download [pdf]

2nd colloqium of Sophia, the Belgian Women's Studies Association [Brussels, December 2000]
intervention at a round table on the relationship between Women's Studies and Equal Opportunities policies
> Études féministes et politiques d'égalité des chances... Quels rapports? download [pdf]
> Vrouwenstudies en het gelijkekansenbeleid... Welke verhoudingen? download [pdf]